Provide client data in a usable format.

Alchemy® Pro from IMR is the service bureau’s solution for storing, indexing, and distributing data to clients for easy retrieval.

You’re in a competitive business, and as a service bureau, you must provide the fastest, most reliable service for your customers at a reasonable price. You must be able to handle any paper-based document or file format. You need to offer them the latest technology too, like delivery via the Internet or DVD. Finally, you need a system that is scalable so you can handle your customers’ largest and smallest jobs. Alchemy Pro allows you to integrate and organize many different information formats, including PDFs, many popular PC file formats, scanned images, CAD drawings, and computer reports, into a searchable repository with a common index that you can distribute to your clients. With Alchemy Pro, you can handle all of your customers’ information storage and retrieval needs. And, all of these documents live in the same repository so they’re easy for your clients to locate, print, and e-mail.

Share and distribute data to clients and partners

Alchemy CD/DVD distribution is unique in its ability to automatically create portable media for your customers that includes all the necessary software to locate and view the data. And, you don’t need a separate SQL database license, so there’s no extra software and no hidden fees. If your customers have more data than a CD/DVD can hold, you can offer them automatic media spanning, which creates CD/DVD sets that are easy to search. Your customers can either work directly from the CD/DVD or can access the data from a local or shared hard drive.

Quickly find your information

Simply storing important enterprise data is often not enough. Your clients must also be able to quickly find it again on the media you provide to them. With Alchemy Pro, your clients find data immediately by entering search criteria into an easy to follow search form. Through this form your clients can perform searches of a word or phrase, or search by file type, file name, or date created. Alchemy Pro also adds finding power by supporting searchable document profiles, folder profiles, and annotations. Search results are returned quickly and matching documents are displayed in a familiar tree structure, ranking the documents by relevancy. From here, your clients can view documents within the same screen or further refine their search. Data stored in Alchemy repositories is compressed by a ratio up to 10:1, this means Alchemy not only searches fast but also rapidly retrieves the data your clients need, while saving space.

Works with your business processes

Because every organization is unique, Alchemy Pro was designed to give your administrators flexibility, making it a powerful tool regardless of your clients’ needs. Once the data is stored in a repository, the administrator can define its hierarchy, including naming conventions and indexing methods. There are few limits to the amount of data that can be placed in this scalable repository. It can be divided into smaller components based on project needs, and then onsolidated into one master repository. Additional flexibility lies within Alchemy’s powerful indexing function that also lets you separate repositories into timeframes and then archive them to CD or DVD for reporting, auditing, or customer service needs.

Data is immediately useful

Alchemy Pro handles hundreds of file types, storing each in its native format; Alchemy does not modify the data or put a software wrapper around it. All data is maintained in its original file format, and Alchemy repositories are designed for open access, making Alchemy Pro an ideal choice for records management and archival.

In addition to storing data in their native file format, Alchemy Pro allows your clients to access and view files within an embedded search screen. From there, users can launch the native application with the click of their mouse. For example, if the selected file is a Microsoft® Excel file, Alchemy Pro can automatically launch Excel and open the file. The user can then modify, save, print or email the Excel document.

Using product extensions such as DataGrabber, Alchemy products support Enterprise Resource Management functions by providing a solution for distributing reports, particularly Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD), throughout your company. In addition to handling COLD data in its native format, Alchemy provides form overlays, so users viewing the search screen see both the background and overprint information just as it would appear on a printed report. And, users can easily email a text file and an overlay together as one file. Alchemy Pro makes data useful immediately.

Easy to use

Alchemy Pro is a low maintenance solution for storing and returning unstructured data to your clients through Alchemy's flexible repository access options on portable media such as CD and DVD. And because Alchemy Pro is easy to use, your clients can perform effective searches with little or no training.

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