Flexible Production B&W Printer The NIPSON 7000 press is the right choice for high-volume, high-quality variable data and on-demand printing. It offers high speeds - up to 400 ppm in simplex or 800 ppm in Twin Engine Duplex - and high-quality output. Thanks to its flash fusing process, this production press handles a wide variety of substrates, including label stock and tip-on cards. It can even produce MICR printing without any modifications to the system, thanks to the magnetic component in the toner. The NIPSON 7000 also offers a very attractive cost of ownership, making this press an excellent investment. Among its many distinctive features is the ability for Single Engine Duplex printing. The NIPSON 7000 press offers excellent connectivity to a wide range of environments.


Tremendous Throughput -The NIPSON 7000 allows printers to substantially increase productivity. It offers an exceptionally wide web of 20.5“, enabling multiple-up documents and 480 dpi resolution at speeds of up to 808 ppm in Twin Engine Duplex configuration. These features maximise productivity in direct mail applications, while maintaining outstanding quality.

Various Formats and Materials -The pin-less feature enables the NIPSON 7000 to accept both pin-fed and pin-less substrates on the same printer, without compromising speed or quality. The unique non-impact, cold flash-fusing process and Variable Speed Control allow the NIPSON 7000 to print on a wide range of substrates. It can run the most fragile 17 lb bond to heavy 110 lb tag stock, both coated and non-coated, in addition to paper, labels, foil and tip-on cards for enhanced flexibility.

Unique Imaging Technology - The NIPSON 7000 employs the proprietary magnetographic printing process. Magnetography uses an array of electromagnets, 480 per inch, to create a latent magnetic image on the surface of a metal drum. The image is exposed to toner for developing and the developed image is then transferred to the substrate, where the toner particles are permanently flash-fused. During one drum revolution, the image is developed and transferred to the substrate. Then the drum is erased to prepare it for the next image. This process enables extremely fast and reliable continual printing that is ideal for high volume, variable text and on-demand applications.


True Open System - The NIPSON 7000 offers broad connectivity, accepts PostScript, PCL5, AFP/IPDS, and is compatible with a wide range of variable imaging software such as GMC PrintNet, PrintSoft PreS, MIRUS, PostalSoft and NIPSON‘s own OpenPage Print Server. It is compatible with industry standard connections like Ethernet, IBM channel and Dataproducts/Centronics. These features greatly enhance productivity and flexibility, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.


Print Technology: Dry Toner Magnetography Clean and environmentally friendly press operation
Print Media: Continuously fed Print Media: Paper, synthetic media, label stock Media Width: 6.5" x 20.5" Media Weight: 64 - 160 gsm (17 lb bond to 110 lb tag)
Press Throughput: Web Speed: 60 m/min (196 ft/min)
Imaging: Spatial Resolution: 240 x 240 or 480 x 480 dpi
Imaging Width: 457.2 mm (18")
Output Unit (third-party): Folder, Job Separator, Output Conveyor, Cutter, Slitter and Rewinder (integration capability) ST 20 Stacker (optional).


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