PC based software package that will enable you to produce the most complex, personalized documents for high speed electronic printing on Océ, Xerox, IBM, Nipson [ read more ]

Flexible Production Black & White Printer Nipson 7000/8000 the right choice for high-volume, high-quality variable data and on-demand printing. It offers high speeds - up to 400 ppm in simplex or 800 ppm in Twin Engine Duplex - and high-quality output. Thanks to its flash fusing process, this production press handles a wide variety of substrates, including label stock and tip-on cards. It can even produce MICR printing without any modifications to the system, thanks to the magnetic component in the toner. Among its many distinctive features is the ability for Single Engine Duplex printing. The Nipson 7000/8000 press offers excellent connectivity to a wide range of environments. [ read more ]

The modern alternative to Microfiche, COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) provides the same long term storage of computer data but with the added advantage of being able to share the files across a computer network. For customer service applications, COLD enables you to answer all customer inquiries instantly, on-line every-time. If you are also using Xytron's non-impact printing services then we can take the same data and simultaneously produce PDF output with the ready-to-go data viewer for the true-to-life [ read more ]

When you need to have rapid access to your files and records, on a growing number of CD and optical disks, we can deliver the world's best drives, towers and jukeboxes: from 650 megabytes to 2.6 Terabytes of information in a single storage unit. We have the hardware, the software and, most important, the knowledge to connect any size of storage device to virtually any host computer. When you need storage, think Xytron [ read more ]

Did he say "fifty" or "fifteen"? Be in no doubt with the latest in digital telephony recording equipment. When it comes to performance you will go a long way to beat the products Xytron has to enable you to search for any call by date, time or by virtually whatever parameter you wish to name. If the detail or the time of a call is important to you, our digital voice recording systems give you the power to confirm or refute spurious allegations and save you money. [ read more ]


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