COMPUTER OUTPUT MANAGEMENT consists of methods and procedures employed to control computer output, in all forms and formats, from accessing data for customer service to printing and distributing statements. In line with this are the following key services that XYTRON offers to businesses:

Xytron's Programming Support Team (PST) is equipped with PReS, the premier print management software that enables us to process customer data through a series of computer programs. This ensures that the data is properly converted and formatted according to customer specifications. This software also gives our customers the presentation options they need, whether it is adding a customer message to their mailing piece or employing a fancy fonts and graphics.

At the very core, Xytron electronically prints secure, confidential data on practically any media, in voluminous quantities, and at high speed. Our non-impact printing technology is the electronic printing of practically any document, using the latest high-speed, high definition magnetographic technology. We have the capacity to print over 81,600 page images per hour, which translates to greater cost-efficiency. We utilize many sizes (i.e. letter, A4, legal) and weights (e.g. 60-160 gsm) of paper, and can even accommodate the use of transparencies through the cold-fusing technology of our printers. For businesses that regularly produce large quantities of payment requests, using Xytron's printing service can cut days of delivery and drastically improve cash flow.

We print laser quality personalized direct marketing letters, bills, and statements of account using our NIPSON printers, which have a combined output of about 1,360 pages per minute.

Our Mail Handling Center operates the finest automated mailing equipment that is capable of handling 9,000 envelopes per hour and accomodating up to four inserts per envelope. We also provide personalized envelopes with gum labels for direct mail. Folding, stuffing, labeling, and staging for distribution are all part of our outsourcing service.

Xytron provides basic and advanced inserting and end-to-end direct mail service. With the basic inserting service, we take a company's printed documents, slip them into envelopes with machine-like precision, seal, and sort them by geographic area. The advanced inserting service utilizes computer-controlled inserting systems to take multiple page documents, trim and collate them before folding, and then selectively insert up to four different promotional materials. With the end-to-end direct mail service, we manage high quality databases supplied by our clients so that our printing, labeling, inserting, and delivery mechanisms achieve maximum efficiency for business. Xytron has forged special relationships with a number of delivery agencies, from regular mail to couriers, ensuring timely and expedient document receipt.

We can provide fully automated Internet Display system that enables our customer's subscribers to view the exact digital image of their monthly bill. We will produce the required PDF files for uploading to a custom-designed Internet server.

Using the latest in high-definition scanning technology, Xytron has the capability to scan 1,000 letter-sized documents per hour and 9,000 check images per hour. Businesses can benefit from our years of experience in imaging technology and share documents across their computer network.

The modern alternative to microfiche, COLD provides the same long-term storage of computer data with the added advantage of being able to share files across a computer network. For companies using Xytron's printing service, we can take the same data and simultaneously produce COLD output with a ready-to-go data viewer for true-to-life reproduction. Our archiving software is completely media-independent and can be accessed through a company's call center for automatic fax, website inquiries, or retrieval. For customer service applications, COLD enable businesses to answer all of their customer inquiries instantly - online and every time.

Xytron directly represents the manufacturers of majority of the equipment we use to print and store documents and records. We retail printing systems, storage systems, and call-logging systems. Printing systems supplied by Xytron can enhance images on both sides of the paper, even on plastic and laminated materials, at up to 430 page images per minute. For our storage systems, we deliver the best drives, towers, jukeboxes - from 650 megabytes to 2.6 terabytes of information in a single storage unit. We have the hardware, software, and knowledge to connect any storage device to practically any host computer. To search for any phone call by date, time, or any specified parameter, we offer our call-logging or voice recording systems. For companies where the detail or time of a call is of importance, our digital voice recording systems will enable them to verify each phone call and refute or confirm allegations.


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